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Long Term Care

There are legal and financial ways you can protect your life savings from long term care exposures. Some people are better suited to purchase long term care insurance which is usually the best way to protect your assets for long term care. Many other people are not insurable or can't afford long term care insurance. Depending on your special needs, there are various solutions available. Some offer more protection then others... it really depends on what options are available for you in your state. For more information you can complete the 5 Minute Long Term Care Needs Analysis by clicking above.

5 Minute Long Term Care Protection Analysis

Long Term Care Needs Analysis

To learn if the exposure of long term care represents a concern for your financial security and retirement dreams -- and if long term care insurance or other protection planning is something you need to consider -- please answer the questions on this form.

Am I Exposed and Do I Need Private Long Term Care Insurance Protection?

Keep In Mind:
Most people will not be able to qualify or afford long term care insurance. There are other solutions to protect your quality of life when you can't get long term care insurance. It is very important that you consider all your options early to keep from losing precious choices you have now. Otherwise laws may not allow you to reallocate any assets to provide income to you or your spouse if married if one of you have to go to a nursing home without spend own until you are financially broke. If this is not part of your plan, call us @ 888 865 2612


24/7 Call: 1 800 233 0588
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